About Us

Beautiful, Historic, Peaceful Wild Goose Inn Est. 2017


Owner Tracie Wyatt, Inn Keepers John & Ambrosia Davis and our dedicated Wild Goose Inn hospitality team extend our warmest welcome to you! We are locally owned and family operated right here in Goliad, TX. Not far from any major city but miles away from stress, hustle and bustle. No hype. No loud events. Simply relax and breathe in the small town atmosphere.

We believe that every one needs a soft, gentle, quiet place to escape. We are dedicated to facilitating a special place of rest, peace and calm.  A place to connect with yourself. Enjoy the tranquil sounds of singing birds, a chatty squirrel and a gentle breeze. Star gaze. Take time to appreciate a delicate flower. Wild Goose Inn is a perfect place to pray, meditate or simply "be". 

When you head indoors, feel free to roam the house and enjoy several elegant common area rooms including the Ladies Parlor, Media Room, Formal Dining & Rose Room coffee/sitting area. You will find plethora of Christian-Judeo books and articles in the library. Like to share? Bring one, take one!

As you drift off to peaceful dream in our luxury beds we know you'll feel right at home. Each room on property is sure to "speak" to your unique tastes and needs.

Perhaps you are asking "Why did you choose to name your inn Wild Goose?". That's a great question! The Celtic translation for "Holy Spirit" is "Wild Goose". Celtic Christians believed that God is limitless, fully in control, vastly beyond what the human mind can fully grasp. It is with this same awe and wonder of pursuing His Spirit  and plan for our lives that we dedicate this very special Inn to His Purposes and glory. 

We are looking forward to providing you with an exceptional experience when you visit Wild Goose Inn. A get-a-way close to home, an experience unlike any other. 

In His Service,

Wild Goose Staff